The House of Kristoffer sells unique handmade ecumenical prayer beads and compassion bracelets, which aim to help the prayer calm down to the level of meditation and to grow their compassion towards all of God’s creation. The House of Kristoffer refers to a Greek name Kristoforos, which means Christ bearer. We at the House of Kristoffer want to think that via our prayer beads and bracelets, the jewellery wearer carries Christ along with them. 

The prayer beads have been designed by the company founder, Tiina Kristoffersson, and they are crafted by hand. Each prayer bead has its own story and was born out of silence. As we do not manufacture prayer beads on an assembly line or ship them in from abroad, there is a limited supply of each prayer bead available. 

The materials have been sourced from private entrepreneurs, artisans or family businesses. We want to support artisans and families who make their living by making bead materials.

Christians have used prayer beads long before mindfulness became a trend. The House of Kristoffer prayer beads all include 29 basic beads, 5 special beads and a cross. Each bead plays their own part, but as Tiina's own faith tradition (Lutheranism) does not recognise one official or authentic prayer bead pattern, you can use the prayer beads the way you want. If you are interested in how we use the prayer beads, see here.