The beads of the Magnitude are made out of Carneol stone. Carneol is said to release a person of sorrow, fear and apathy, and to increase vivacity and bravery. For Protestants, the merits of Carneol are mainly aesthetic: the stone creates an unusually beautiful prayer bead. And because we can think beauty as a quality of God, this bead is well suited for practicing Christian silence. The blue-shade glass beads remind us of the universe, planets, space and the unfathomable greatness of it all. In that magnitude, a human beings may only be small and fleeting, but even as such, they are the image of God. 


SKU: 0002
  • Magnitude prayer bead:

    29 stone beads (Carneol)
    5 blue glass beads
    1 cross (howlite)
    The prayer bead has been bound with nylon beading thread.

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